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Lisa McHatton — Executive Director

Lisa is the Executive Director of the New England Trade Adjustment Assistance Center, Inc. (NETAAC). She joined NETAAC in the late 80’s after obtaining her degree in business administration.  She quickly advanced through the contract and finance departments thanks to her aptitude to work with numbers and excellent work ethic.  Lisa was the Chief Financial Officer for 10 years and named Executive Director in 2006. 

Her empowering leadership style and commitment to seeing this manufacturing program succeed has turned NETAAC into one of the best performing centers in the nation.  Her passion and genuine concern for U.S. manufacturers is undeniable.  Lisa has dedicated 25 years to working with manufacturers, helping them to compete in both domestic and global markets.  She has initiated 100’s of successful projects that have resulted in sales growth and profitability.  She continues to believe today that a strong manufacturing region creates economic success!

Joseph Thomas — Business Recovery Specialist

Joe is a Business Recovery Specialist for the New England Trade Adjustment Assistance Center, Inc. (NETAAC).  He holds a degree in mechanical engineering and has many years experience in manufacturing, advising companies on operational, product development, business development and strategic planning issues. Joe has helped build success in a vast range of companies. He also has expertise in assisting companies with major restructuring and cost reduction initiatives.

Stephanie Bardouleau — Office Administrator

Stephanie is the Office Administrator for the New England Trade Adjustment Assistance Center, Inc. (NETAAC).  She manages NETAAC's back-end operations including finance and reporting, consultant invoicing and payments—as well as working with NETAAC's clients to ensure their program experience is efficient and effective. With a background in finance and education, Stephanie graduated from University of Massachusetts with an English Literature degree.


Board of Directors

NETAAC has a Board of Directors comprised of key leaders from both private and public sector companies representing the six New England states. Members have strong ties to the New England community and believe that NETAAC’s assistance helps U.S. manufacturers compete and succeed in the global marketplace.

President & Chairman: David Darlington – The Gildea-Darlington Group
Vice President: Sidney Holbrook – SJH & Associates
Treasurer: Richard Dragon – Certified Public Accountant
Secretary: William Gildea – ECAP, LLC

Board Members

Charles (Chuck) Bunnell – Mohegan Tribal Nation
John Johnson – Thames River Properties, LLC
Lawrence Robinson  Maine Manufacturing Extension Partnership
Bobby Stephen
James Stewart – Central Economic Development Corporation
John Weigold – Hartland Technology Partners, LLC

New England Trade Adjustment
Assistance Center, Inc. (NETAAC)
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