NETAAC Grant Recipient Testimonials


“Questech was fortunate to be able to participate in the program at a time when we needed extra marketing support and employee training. The NETAAC funding was a catalyst that helped us to improve ourselves in ways that we would not have been able to on our own, and at a faster rate than without the support.”

Paul Laderoute, CFO – Questech Corporation, VT

“The impact from the imports was devastating to our company and since the NETAAC grant we have been able to double our employee base, improve productivity to remain competitive and increase sales by 35%.”

George LaCapra Jr., President – UniMetal Surface Finishing, CT

“As a direct result of the NETAAC partnership, Tanury Industries has grown from 125 employees to 160 employees and has seen a 35% growth in business over the last three years. We see the NETAAC program as a vital resource to small and mid-size companies who are striving to compete in the global economy.”

Michael Akkaoui President & CEO – Tanury Industries, RI

“Since entering the program, our overall sales have increased 43%. This represents an increase of about 30% domestically and 300% internationally. This significant increase in export sales was facilitated, in large part, by our association and funding by the NETAAC grant.”

Ronald L. Dechene, Founder and President – Auburn Systems, Inc., MA

“NETAAC assistance was absolutely critical in saving, and then transforming our company...we are proud that a Bourgeois Guitar was played by Sawyer Fredericks as he won one of this the nations most talked about and watched singing competitions!The folks at NETAAC did everything in their power to make the procedure as easy as possible.”

John Karp, CEO — Pantheon/Bourgeois Guitars, ME

“Assistance from NETAAC has significantly improved our competitive position in the worldwide packaging machinery marketplace. Without your trade adjustment assistance, it would not have been economically feasible for us to improve our literature, website, and trade show presence. Application for funding was easy and the approval was fast. I highly recommend that New England based companies investigate what NETAAC can do for them.”

Mark Jacobson, Vice President — Econocorp, Inc., MA

“The NETAAC support and grant funds allowed us to turn a negative situation into an opportunity to expand and diversify our service offerings. Thanks in part to NETAAC assistance, the molding of plastic dental flossers is still a large part of what we do—but by no means ALL that we do today. Our 2015 celebration of being “Family Owned and Operated for 25 Years” is a milestone they certainly aided us in realizing.

Stephen Rieser — President, CO, ALSCO Industries, MA

“At a time when our company didn’t know which way to turn for its future survival, we were fortunate to be introduced to NETAAC. NETAAC has made it possible for us to implement projects to turn our company around financially that we would not be able to accomplish on our own. For me personally, what I appreciated the most is how they managed to make what I assumed would be an intimidating process into one that was so enjoyable. For them, no question was too silly for me to ask. They were there for me every step of the way and made me really understand every detail. I continue to enjoy working with NETAAC.”

Nancy Powers — American Ink Jet, MA

“Working with NETAAC gave us an incredible insight into our strengths and, more importantly, our weaknesses. We were then afforded the opportunity to actually improve our organization. We are now a much leaner, more competitive and more profitable company! Thanks NETAAC!”

Scott Close, Owner — Pa-Ted Spring Company, LLC, CT

“NETAAC helped our manufacturing company make remarkable improvements. We would never have been able to step up and purchase the software that we needed to go forward and really make our customers happy. The people at NETAAC have been wonderful to this company! I wish we could find more grants to help us fight the overseas market.”

Linda Albanese, Vice President — Avanti Jewelry, RI

“The extra help provided by NETAAC this year allowed us to accomplish several of our current and long-term goals. Strategically, the investment allowed us to totally reposition ourselves on the web, in print, and with our key customers. Long-term, the impact of the upgrades will give us a presence we could never have attained without NETAAC’s assistance. As a small business, we strongly advocate using the NETAAC grants and services. The experience was positive, and as we tie this to sales, I must say the impact has been more than we expected.”

Deb Parkinson, Vice President of Sales & Marketing — ChemArt Company, RI

“We faced a specific threat to foreign competition and we had some ideas about how we might respond. However, once we were introduced to NETAAC, we were able to expand our thinking to include ideas not previously worth discussing. We were also able to think more confidently and boldly about how to execute the ideas we already had.

The grant money that NETAAC made available is being used to help us achieve, develop and / or implement ISO certification, LEAN manufacturing practices, an ERP system, a website upgrade and a global marketing strategy which, altogether, will enable us to thrive not just survive in this global economy. NETAAC can identify, evaluate and select companies that have the intangibles and then lend its financial support so those companies can turn their ideas into tangible stories of success.”

James Umland, President — CEPS, Inc., NH

“The funds made available to us through NETAAC allowed for implementation of Lean Manufacturing skills, purchase of external marketing skills and business software training. The streamlining of processes, cost reductions and a new marketing strategy aided in our struggle with imports from Asia. Ultimately, the NETAAC grant made us more competitive in the marketplace."

Steve Leonard — ACT Fastening Solutions, MA

“NETAAC has been a valuable resource in helping us expand and improve our engineering capabilities. Without NETAAC's help, we would never have been able to obtain the necessary improvements so quickly.”

John Regan, General Manager — Wall Industries, NH

“The assistance we are receiving from NETAAC is critical to our future success. Without it, it’s unlikely that we could support these product development and marketing projects that define the future of our company. We are very excited about the coming year and expect great things to result from our relationship with NETAAC.”

Kevin Gendreau, Director of Sales and Marketing — Maine Wood Concepts, ME

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